Mobile Go Pass Subscription

Access control made easier by remotely granting access to secured areas with your phone


A leap forward in convenience! The Go Pass turns a mobile device into an access control credential. Essentially, it is as if you are carrying around a door tag or garage fob on your phone. The Go Pass allows residents with the appropriate authority to quickly and conveniently access secured areas with a few taps of a mobile device (Android and IOS, including an Apple Watch)


Upon activation, the app will present you with a list of available doors that you can unlock remotely. You can save doors that you access frequently into a Favorite list for quick and easy access.

The app can be run from anywhere where an internet connection is available  - Cellular or Wifi, which allows for new and unique freedom when it comes to access control at your building.

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Go Pass One-Year Subscription $25 + GST/Year

  • Each application is subject to approval by Condominium Board

  • When unlocking a door via the Go Pass app, you will be required to verify the identity of the visitor before allowing entry, as well to inform the visitor to not allow anyone to follow them through.

  • The GO Pass is controlled/recorded/tracked in the software in the same manner as physical Tags and Fobs. The resident is therefore responsible and accountable for any use of this mobile credential.

  • One subscription cannot be used across multiples devices

  • Only use your mobile phone when it is safe and lawful to do so