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Integrated Intercom and Access Controls

Intercom systems and access controls provide a critical layer of security for buildings, property and people. Visitors can be screened and managed before they gain access to your property, whether at the front door or a gate at the edge of your land.


In particular, condominiums, multi-tenant properties, commercial office buildings and apartments have a great need for effective intercom and access control systems that can serve anything from one to thousands of users.


Modern intercom systems can be used for audio and video communication, providing effective and secure visitor management.  Calls can even be routed through smartphone apps for maximum convenience - doors can be remotely unlocked from anywhere in the world.

Access control systems further enhance security by limiting immediate access to only those with a card or key fob. Time-based restrictions can be added to control access by the hour or day, or even to allow one-off access during a certain time window.  Removing the need for keys means replacement is quick and easy, and there's no cost of rekeying when keys are lost, stolen or in the posession of unauthorized individuals.

Properly integrated systems can also allow for event logging and additional visitor data for ongoing security analysis.


Security Depot solutions combine industry-leading expertise and vision with a wide array of products and managed services. Whether you are looking for a detailed risk assessment, an update or retrofit, or a completely new system, Security Depot can provide you with the most comprehensive security available today.

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