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Commercial solutions

Security & Automation

Protection against Loss, Risk, and Damage

We offer Comprehensive Security -

Window Bars, Door Grills, Physical Gates, Expanding Gates, Locks, Lock Protection Plates, Door Hardware Repair, Replace, and Maintenance, Interactive and Automation Alarm Systems, Camera Systems, Window Films, Roll Shutters, Flexible Gates, Foldaway Gates, Drop-in Barrier Bars, Cages, and more. 

In all types of business, enhancing the safety and security of people and product helps protect against risk and loss. Your business is your livelihood, and it's critical to minimize risk and mitigate losses wherever possible.


An effective security and automation system not only reduces operating costs, but provides a powerful management and monitoring tool for large and small businesses.

Theft, vandalism, and inventory shrinkage will cost you time and money, as well as affecting your insurace premiums and causing a great deal of hassle. Preventing an incident is much more effective than having to deal with it afterwards, and when situations are unavoidable the ability to understand what went wrong is extremely valuable. Whether you are considering the effectiveness of your exterior lighting or thinking about how to limit the access of former employees, a comprehensive risk assessment and security plan with Security Depot can make a huge difference to your business.


​While comprehensive commercial security solutions can save you money on insurance premiums, workers compensation claims, training, and loss prevention, but keeping your employees safe and your customers happy goes beyond the bottom line. Creating a safe and secure environment that ensures physical safety, as well as the protection of any sensitive personal data, should be at the top of your security checklist.


Working with the Security Depot puts your commercial interests in the hands of industry-leading security experts.  Our comprehensive suite of security products, including video surveilance, access control systems and intrusion prevention hardware provides an unmatched range of components to build a tailored solution that precisely matches your needs.


Call or email today for your no charge security consultation 
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