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Security & Control Solutions


Secure, Differentiate, and Enhance Management and Resident Experience

We offer Comprehensive Security -

High Definition Camera Systems, FOB/Tag Access Control Systems, Intercom Repair, Maintenance, and Replacements, Locks, Lock Protection Plates, Door Hardware Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance, Physical Gates and Railings, Interactive and Automation Alarm Systems, Window Films, Flexible Gates, Foldaway Gates, Drop-in Barrier Bars, Cages, and more.

High Definition IP Camera Systems, Smarter Access Control, Intrusion Prevention, Intercoms, Visitor management, and custom systems can all serve to provide security and management for your properties and improve the overall Management and Resident experience.



With the high volume of residents and visitors, condominiums represent areas of extreme dynamic activity throughout the day and night.  Monitoring this traffic and ensuring appropriate access controls are critical to providing a secure, stable environment. Well-secured buildings can improve property values for both owners, landlords, and residents, as well as driving improvements in tenant acquisition and retention. All too often security solutions are sacrificed to keep costs to a minimum.  However, great security does not have to mean high cost.

In most cases, our solutions increase management ability to prevent infractions and reinforce violation notices.


Security Depot has focused on industry-leading condominium security and access controls for more than 20 years, delivering comprehensive, cost-effective security solutions for a wide variety of buildings and environments. We are able to deliver full risk assessments and security audits to ensure that property management companies and condominium boards have a trusted source of advice in an area where their knowledge may be limited.


Our full range of security products, including security cameras, intercom and access control systems, railings as well as intrusion prevention devices such as gates, ensure a cohesive, comprehensive security solution that provide the maximum return on your investment.

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